Die Terrorgefahr greift in Deutschland immer mehr um sich. Die Gefahren werden mehr und mehr sichtbar. Das machen uns zumindest Politik und Medien weis. Es wird zumindest als Grund gesehen, alles zu tun, um die Gefahr abzuwenden, auch wenn es gegen unsere Grundrechte verstößt.

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Subtitles Tip:Huiyi

Subtitles Tip:Huiyi man:"First rescue can line! Are North Face Canada people ..."Around the masses:"First rescue ..." call 110 ... "Bai Yansong:Not all people will be enraged them lose their senses, even process them in such a noisy environment, so the blood to the head Bay, or was the first to shout out "can first save, are compatriots", the next you will hear more and more people join them this sound, the first rescue, to save people first ", this is the positive energy. In the day when, Xi'an also a young man holding the front of the smashed cars, Japanese U-turn ", but no matter how we say the positive energy, the process or so we are very worried and angry negative energy that is draped forward to the cloak of "patriotism", but the fact of the crime, which is completely different.September 15, after the lapse of six days, September 21, the Xi'an Public Security Bureau received a north face jackets canada owners Li Jianli parade unscrupulous officers wounded reported immediately file for investigation, and subsequently set up a task force to investigate overnight visits job. Every 5,6 days, the newest progress is now suspects a positive photo appears, you should see clear, at this time, you can see that he was mad enough to what extent, wearing a white T-shirt just yet, now is Guangzhuobangzi to the implementation of the criminal behavior.

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