Vollkommen unnnationalisch!

"Vollkommen unnationalisch!" - mit einer kleinen historischen Reise werden das `Deutschlandlied` und die ehemalige DDR-Hymne `Auferstanden aus Ruinen` mit viel Schwarz /Rot/Gold- Elementen endlich auch wiedervereinigt- und finden sich schlie├člich in einer neuer Melodie im Deutschland des Jahres 2009...

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Well, let us leave Canada

Well, let us leave Canada North Face, go take a look at the most recent period in several cities, including Changsha, Shenzhen and so on vandalism suspects arrest.Commentary:Yesterday, the Changsha Public Security Bureau also released 20 personal photos, they are suspected of involvement in the September 15 thwarted behavior.According to a report from the masses, north face montreal police have arrested a group of lawless elements suspected of involvement in vandalism, they again yesterday announced a the nine suspects thwarted scene photos. Since the published reports of phone constantly clue.Xi'an Public Security Bureau report telephone staff:Some call a day, that is, there are some photos of some people to what, some not very identification clear, effective photo, we sorted out one day five or six.Commentary:"I should not participate in demonstrations without the approval of the public security organs, but should not be taken during a procession thwarted behavior towards ordinary people around." This should not be merely an apology. September 22, Shenzhen Futian police released 20 suspected of involvement in the destruction of the company's financial staff photo, Lee is one of them, he said, to see their photos taken aback when the front page in the newspaper, even the breakfast did not care. have to eat on, rushed to the police station to surrender, until today, there are still a lot of people to provide clues to the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau.Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau Report telephone staff:Our side is the public face of the city, they have specific personnel information, we will also be accepted here, because we have clues will be issued to several branch.

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What a joy to find such clear thikinng. Thanks for posting!