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According to reports, local

According to reports, local time, on the 25th, Yoshihiko Noda, in New York, has met with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Colombian President Santos and President of Mongolia Elbegdorj. In talks with Yudhoyono, Noda talked about the North Face Outlet Berkeley demonstrations in China, he also stressed: "between Japan and China are on the peace and stability of East Asia responsible will continue to maintain communication with the bigger picture with the Chinese."After a series of talks, Noda said: "It is important is that both sides are missing the bigger picture, to avoid the Sino-Japanese overall relationship to be negatively affected due to the Diaoyu Islands issue." It is reported that Noda also the position of Japan, the Diaoyu Islands issue to the Australian Prime Minister Gillard.International online news (reporter Yang Qiong): Department of Defense a regular press conference today (27) will be held in Beijing, the Defense Ministry spokesman service will the north face outlet locations first aircraft carrier the "Liaoning ship" model of carrier-based aircraft, the Diaoyu Islands disputeupgrade hot issues such as centralized response.